New Must Read Now in Paperback

July 13, 2009

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to read Prince and Schiff’s The Middle-Class Millionaire, courtesy of the Fulton County Public Library system. Subsequently I find myself referring this book to clients and friends left and right, each time returning to Amazon to search for a hardback book published in 2008 that had millionaire in the title. Imagine how tough that is? Finally I decided it was time to add this to my must-read this and found that the book is now available in paperback, just under a different name. The new name is the Influence of Affluence and saves you about $5 on Amazon over the hard cover.

The book makes a very sound point about how those millionaires with a net worth in the $1-5 million range are so influential in their purchasing decisions that they could rightfully be the key to many business/products success. Why you ask? Because they are so keyed into the idea of giving and seeking referrals. They routinely ask their friends and associates for input on purchasing decisions and readily share their opinions with others — more so than any of the other demographic segments surveyed by the authors.

Now I will warn you, this is a rather technical read but if you’re committed to target marketing, it is a great one. If you’re still not sure, check out these key concepts courtesy of the authors.


Jenkins’ The Truth About Email Marketing Worth Reading if You’re Mailing

June 20, 2009

Although I started it over a month ago, I finally got around to finishing Simms Jenkins’ The Truth About Email Marketing earlier this afternoon. As far as nitty-gritty topics go, this is about a nichey as you can get but Jenkins kindly divided his thoughts into 49 different points (I think there are actually only about 40 here if you consider some of the overlap but I wasn’t hired as the editor of this text) to make it easy to pick up and return to as time allows. If you can get past the first few points which really seem to be selling his services (or that of any email agency), I found some great content inside.

Jenkins spends a great deal of time on U.S. CAN-SPAM legislation, noting that at the time he published the book some 81% of marketers were unaware of the guidelines (did you know you can be charged $250 per email spam?), and repeatedly reminds readers to visit (and also direct their subscribers) to review the latest details on the FTC site. Since publication, the FTC has also launched this consumer facing site filled with good tips for senders and receivers.

He provides a “Best Practices for B2B email marketing” List in point #46 that starts with some obvious ones like know your audience but moves on to how to prepare for Mobile readers. If you can’t find time to read the whole book, just read this point while you’re standing in Barnes & Noble.

In closing he takes the time to put things into perspective citing the results of 2008 E-Consultancy and Adestra Report showing that businesses were using email 52% of the time for retention and just 26% of the time for acquisition, an important point to note when planning your media mix.

Recommended Marketing Reads: Shankman’s Outrageous PR Stunts Not Just About the Stunts

June 18, 2009

I spent an extraordinary amount of time reading last month — between sitting in doctor’s offices  and riding on planes — and thus managed to get through three books, including this one that one I read during the MRIs of my foot:

Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work–And Why Your Company Needs Them — Popular text by the now even more popular Peter Shankman. If you’re using HARO, you need to read his book, too. It’s not all about stunts, either. There are some grounded ideas in here about how to improve the power of your writing.

Pull this book out the next time you need to write another press release and I guarantee you that it will change the way you write.

Another Opportunity to Learn about the “New Rules”

January 30, 2008

If you enjoyed reading The New Rules of Marketing & PR and want to hear more from David Scott Meerman, you might want to check out the Grow Your Company conference coming up in Savannah in February. It seems that Scott will be one of the featured speakers. I cannot make it to Savannah that week but if you get there, please let me know how it goes.

My Christmas Reading Recommendation: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

December 15, 2007

Each year for Christmas I give a few of my top clients a book — call it homework disguised as a gift. This year those favored clients are receiving David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR. I’ve selected this book because his message really parallels some of the things I’ve been advocating to clients all year — from the use of social media to reach and monitor the buzz about your company to regular press release distribution to ensure that you sustain and feed that buzz — and is filled with really great examples.

I passed my copy around at a recent team meeting to a roaring response from my graphic and web designers.

The New Rules of Marketing & PRBest pricing I’ve seen on the book comes from Amazon although you can buy the books directly from Scott and he has offered to do a teleseminar for companies that purchase 100 copies (an idea I believe he borrowed from Seth Godin).