About MMC

Jennifer Koon started Michael Mackenzie Communications in 2001 to provide marketing and public relations programs to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prior to forming Michael Mackenzie Communications, Jennifer served as a PR and Field Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation, a role she landed because they liked the Direct Mail and Database Marketing experience she had gained working for smaller software companies and in an agency environment. In addition to developing direct marketing and sales support programs, Jennifer has produced and promoted hundreds of seminars, product launch events and trade shows as well as managed public relations and community affairs initiatives. Jennifer has an extensive copywriting repertoire – last year alone she wrote more than 50,000 words for clients representing a broad range of B2B and B2C industries.

All total, Jennifer possesses more than 16 years experience developing and deploying strategic marketing communications programs that drive image, enthusiasm and revenue. She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Advertising from Southern Methodist University and a master’s in Marketing Communication and Information Technology from Florida State University. 

Jennifer lives in Roswell, Georgia, with husband and her two sons. She is an active member of Roswell United Methodist Church, enjoys playing tennis (ALTA, USTA and T2) and is spending much of her free time building a vacation cottage by Logan Martin Lake.

Team Christmas Party at Ray's Killer Creek

2008 Christmas Party at Ray's Killer Creek: Michelle Dasher, Susan Abercrombie Davis, Jennifer Koon, Cathy Lessing Erik Wolf, Billy Pappas, Jennifer Kardian, Melanie Lee


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