Choice of Venue Makes a Difference

I still get the opportunity to help clients with seminars periodically thought not as often as when I was with Microsoft. One of the interesting lessons learned has to do with site selection. All business owners are looking to cut corners and so the idea of free is always appealing with cheap being a second runner up. Free meeting space and cheap room rentals unfortuantely doesn’t always create the desired experience for your guests or outcome for your events. Several of our clients have the good fortune of access to free meeting space through partnering arrangements and association memberships. Some of this meeting space is in Class-A office space at visually attractive locations.

So why aren’t these a plus for my client? Because they aren’t interesting.  The entire reason companies host events at entertainment venues like the GA Aquarium or in a suite at Turner Field is because of the innovative venue. While you don’t have to go to the lengths of booking an entertainment location for your next event, sometimes a nice restaurant can make a big difference.

The same idea holds true for individual meetings as well as events. Next time you’re trying to secure a prospect for a lunch, consider bumping up your investment a bit from an $8 sandwich place to a $14 plated lunch with white table cloth service. You’ll see a measurable difference in the outcome of even that 1:1 event.


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